Inspired by the challenges of finding filming locations abroad, Emanuele Musarra created an international platform for discovering photography studios and locations worldwide. 


MisterLocation is a global marketplace that helps international photographers, filmmakers and other creatives to source shooting locations easily. It lists over 200 studios in 20+ cities. 

Following a successful soft launch in 2017, MisterLocation is proud to announce its presence to the world!

While on location in Budapest, independent filmmaker Emanuele Musarra spent more time searching for a studio than actually shooting. Emanuele was tired of constantly visiting studios and his lack of Hungarian language skills didn’t help the predicament. He realized that there must be thousands of filmmakers in this situation. That’s why he decided to create a platform that connects international photographers, filmmakers and other creatives with photography studio and film location owners across the globe. MisterLocation not only makes hiring photography studios and locations more accessible, it has also brought together an international community of likeminded creatives which is growing every day.

  • Global marketplace of photography studios and film locations
  • The easiest way to book a photo studio anywhere in the world – without paying any usage fees
  • Each studio listing includes a comprehensive list of included services, equipment and amenities
  • Book safely and securely through MisterLocation, so that when you arrive, you can focus on realizing your creative vision without distractions or delays
  • For studio owners – discover a whole new international clientele!


“MisterLocation is a valuable site for those looking for studios and locations. The site has been created with great care and allows photographers to find studios and locations suitable for their purposes… and their budget.” – Aldo Stefanni, photographer and owner of Photosintesys, Milan

“This platform is really helpful. MisterLocation’s team was super supportive and the locations offered are great. Search and filter work nicely. Thank you!” – Carina Sandhu, bidding producer Wild Baba Productions, Berlin

“With MisterLocation I created the community that I wish existed when I was working in the film industry. We connect photographers, filmmakers and other creatives with studio and location owners across the globe. Feedback from our early members has helped us a lot in improving our service and making our website more user friendly.” – Emanuele Musarra, founder MisterLocation



Download all images and the video here.


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