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Our photography studio is an open, creative and flexible space in a multi-functional building in the centre of The Hague (Den Haag).

Thanks to the polyboard slide system on our 50m2 milk glass ceiling, you can perfectly control the amount of daylight coming in.

Professionals use our studio for editorial shootings as well as for commercial advertisements. Moreover, we can facilitate small film sets.

We are thrilled to welcome creative talent in our studio, both from The Hague and from outside the region. We pride ourselves in being flexible and friendly hosts with a sharp eye for quality. On top of that, our catering uses healthy products. All this makes that an amazing atmosphere and a good photography workflow are guaranteed.

Have fun, create!



One of the things that makes our studio unique is the amount of daylight. You can use the full spectrum of the roof or blind the roof fully or partially, according to your needs. This makes the studio a wonderful place to work in. Photographers love the light and the possibility to shape it with the many black and white polyboards we have available to bounce or stop the light. In case you prefer the studio to be dark, we have a handy polyboard slide system to cover the ceiling.

Light delivery:

● On cloudy days: circa F4’0/60s/iso100.

● On sunny days: circa F5’6/250s/iso100.



Our studio is one large open space, including the photography area, the make-up and styling zone, the entresol upstairs and the coffee area. If you desire a more intimate setting, we can separate these spaces using standing polyboards:

● Studio (9m x 7,5m x 5m high)

● Make-up & styling area (2,5m x 4m)

The make up area is a fixed position, because of the mirrors and the make-up light. Also this space can be closed for a more intimate setting.

● Upstairs (3m x 4m)

Upstairs, on our entresol, you can relax with a drink and have some fresh air while you sit near the window and can oversee the studio.

● Coffee area (4m x 4m)

In our standard setup, the coffee area is divided from the studio by 4 meter standing polyboards. We believe that a good seat with meals and beverages steer to good relations, laughter and joy. That's why we also call our coffee area "the tender spot". This importance results in satisfying content.

Surface in m2 (EU) or in sqft (USA): 100
Height in m (EU) or in ft (USA): 5.0
FREE services and facilities:
Studio lights
Studio assistant / crew
Daylight / total white
Blackout / total black
Infinity wall
Green screen / blue screen
Poly boards
Light stands
Ceiling rail system
Wireless flash triggers
Camera bodies & lenses
Smoke machine
Wind machine
Stereo system
In house postproduction
Make-up area
Dressing room
Clothes rail
Iron & ironing board
Garment steamer
Coffee & tea
Kitchen facilities
Lounge / meeting room
Street parking
Private parking / access
Disabled access
Studio equipment:

● Tripod - 2 x Hensel Integra Mini 300 + Softboxes + Manfrotto light stands

● Avenger Boom 5m high x 3m wide

● Standard Reflectors

● LEE color filters

● Lightmeter

● Polyboards

● Extension cords

● Clamps

● Sound installation

● Work tables

● Chairs

● Wi-Fi

● Several coloured paper backdrops in offer



● The ability to involve a set designer to make custom backdrops, different floor panels and complete custom sets.

● Paint the walls and the floor in the colour you desire.

Please contact us indicating your special wishes so we can make you an appropriate offer.

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