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Fully equipped photo studio

The photo studio is completely furnished and immediately ready for use. You can use all our facilities. Take your own camera with you. All professional cameras can be used in our studio. With brands like Canon and Nikon it is possible to connect seamlessly to our system. Please inquire if you want to know more.

A spacious studio

The photo studio looks calm and cozy, has a surface of 140m2, a dressing room and a dressing table with large mirror and full length mirror. In addition, of course, a ladies and gentlemen toilet.

We have a number of strobes in the studio with a trigger system. In addition, we have different sizes of softboxes, reflective screens, recording table, light tents and backgrounds, 3 of which are 3.50 meters wide.

- Cheap priced and easy to rent.

- You can rent our photo studio from 75 euros per 4 hours.

- Forbidden to smoke.

- Loading unloading at the door.

- Free parking on the other side of public road.

- Washing and light cleaning.

- For tea, coffee, lunch, you can use the terrace outside.

- Animals are not allowed in the studio.

- The studio is on the 1st floor.

- The entrance door is 85cm wide and 211cm high.

- The height of the studio is 296cm.

Surface in m2 (EU) or in sqft (USA): 140
Height in m (EU) or in ft (USA): 2.96
FREE services and facilities:
Studio lights
Studio assistant / crew
Daylight / total white
Blackout / total black
Infinity wall
Green screen / blue screen
Poly boards
Light stands
Ceiling rail system
Wireless flash triggers
Camera bodies & lenses
Smoke machine
Wind machine
Stereo system
In house postproduction
Make-up area
Dressing room
Clothes rail
Iron & ironing board
Garment steamer
Coffee & tea
Kitchen facilities
Lounge / meeting room
Street parking
Private parking / access
Disabled access
Studio equipment:

Photo equipment

- Flash set Bowens Gemini 500R two strobes with s-Typoe Maxilite reflector, plus Bowens Pulsar Trigger Card.

- Flash set (Menik) 400 watt, three lamps including various softboxes (60 x 60 cm and 60 x 90 cm) and umbrellas, 4 daylight lamps, 4 head lamp holder with softbox 50 x 70 c.

- Tripod for camera with load capacity of 12kg.

- All tripods stand on dolly's so you can roll the lights around the studio.

- Radio triggers with receivers.

- Various grids, clamps, batteries, filters.

- Three large background rolls (paper) of 3.56 meters wide! Colors black, white, and green (on fixed background system).

- Mobile background system with various backgrounds (vinyl) in wood tones, white, beige, mint green / concrete, pink and blue.

- Accessories such as stools, ottoman, chairs and stools.

- Shooting table 110 x 200 cm with flexible rear frame for product photography including lamps, ideal for taking product photos for your webshop.

- Two light tents (63 x 63 x 63cm and 80 x 80 x 80cm) with halogen lamps and 50/60 Hz lamps, E27, 5500 Kelvin 135, background screens, flexible camera tripod with 1/4 inch thread for stable shots.

- Bresser wind machine.

- Furthermore, all daylight can be dimmed with blackout blinds for all windows.

Beautiful daylight studio of more than 140m2 included

- Wardrobe and 2 toilets.

- Kitchen with all amenities such as coffee tea, microwave, plates, glasses and so on.

- Room to change clothes including (fitting) mirror.

- Discussion table with 8 chairs.

- Play table with lego for small children who have to wait.

- Play kitchen with complete play set.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation is no longer possible when booked. However, you have the right to book a new date free of charge within 30 calendar days. This is only done via telephone consultation.

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