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While working on set in Budapest, Emanuele noticed how hard it was to find photo studios with all the equipment his team needed to finish their short film project. There was no organized platform to search for studios, and any studio websites he did manage to find were in Hungarian, a language he is still yet to master. Knowing his team was surely not the first to have encountered this issue, Emanuele, an independent filmmaker, set out to solve it. Enter MisterLocation.

What is MisterLocation?

MisterLocation is a one-stop studio shop for photographers, filmmakers, models, agents, and creatives of all types. We are a global marketplace where studio and location owners can rent out their space to international audiences, and where creatives can find studios to hire even in the most remote location. We want to make finding and hiring a photo studio as easy as possible, so that you can focus on executing your creative vision.

With MisterLocation on your side, gone are the days of fumbling around for second-rate lighting solutions and makeshift studios with 1 bathroom for your whole crew! All studios available to rent come with comprehensive lists of all included services and facilities, from lighting and smoke machines to backgrounds and studio crews. The best part? Using MisterLocation to find and book your dream studio space in any city around the world is absolutely free.

Who are we?

Founded by Emanuele Musarra, a WordPress expert with a background in international movie production and photography, and Eva van der Veer, a management consultant, MisterLocation combines Italian passion with Dutch practicality. As lovers of food, travel and the creative arts, we both really appreciate the time that MisterLocation can save creative professionals who are often on the road. More time to explore and to enjoy local delicacies while on set can only be a good thing in our book!

Emanuele Musarra MisterLocation

Emanuele Musarra

Founder of MisterLocation. I am a web developer and WordPress expert. Having worked for years in Italian and international movie and commercial productions, I have a strong background in video. I love movies, photography and traveling.

Eva van der Veer MisterLocation

Eva van der Veer

Co-founder of MisterLocation. Working as a consultant, I have many years of experience helping changing organisations to work to a next level or new situation. My favourite Sunday afternoon: sport outdoors with friends, visit a photo exhibition and enjoy a good meal in a newly discovered restaurant.

A note on sustainability

Here at MisterLocation we believe that by filling in another piece of the sharing economy jigsaw puzzle, we are doing at least one small part in sharing the world’s limited resources. We do our best to conduct our business operations in a sustainable manner and are always open to suggestions on how to improve this even more.  

For more information please have a look at our How it Works page or our Help Center.

Company details

MisterLocation is a trade name of EM Digital Services
Company number: 72073942
Company address: De Nieuwe Erven 3, 5431NV Cuijk (NL)
VAT number: NL002501133B84