Since 2003, our studio has been second-to-none in providing professional photographic instruction in NYC. The photo studio is recognized as the leader in consistently combining traditional photography techniques with emerging technologies, creating the perfect blend of Art and Technology. All photography workshops and activities provide a rich artistic and creative experience in addition to being conducted in a personalized fashion to address each member's primary needs.

Our team is composed of well-experienced, old-school, enthusiastic photographers avid for high-tech and innovation. With such sophisticated squad, there is no topic or curriculum that its team can't cover or create. Above all, one of Our core values is to embrace change and to create photographic content that meets its members' needs first. Here, every new topic request is an inspiration.

Renowned for its "students'-interests-first" approach, our team is a leader in pioneering innovations in the teaching of photography in NYC. Some include: (1) Full photographic instruction for automatic cameras since 2006; (2) Merging manual and automatic mode into single line of courses, and proudly having both communities happily coexist; (3) Developing one of the very first local iPhoneography classes and product photography for mobile phones; Among many more.

With over 15 years experience in NYC, our team also prides itself on its unmatched ability to successfully develop fully-customized workshops on any relevant topics on demand - and in record-breaking times. Our portfolio of corporate clients includes Sephora, Yippit, Fullscreen Media, as well as celebrities including actor James Gandolfini, among others.

Our photo studio continues to keep its position as one of New York's most creative photography Schools by progressively adapting to this rapid-evolving environment and creating cutting-edge and relevant photographic content. Excited to take photography initiatives to apace with the rich world of social media, our new lineup includes an exciting range of Mobile Photography courses and workshops. In addition, almost all courses will soon be offered in a mobile-friendly version as well to match the latest trends.

Every course, workshop, and activity is carefully crafted by PM's experienced organization to be rich in artistic and creative content; A perfect blend of Art and Technology.

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