Inspired by the challenges of finding film locations abroad, Emanuele Musarra created an International platform for discovering photography studios and film locations worldwide.


MisterLocation is a global marketplace that enables international photographers, filmmakers and creatives to source shooting locations with ease. It lists over 250 studios in 20+ cities.

While on location in Budapest, independent filmmaker Emanuele Musarra spent more time searching for a studio than actually shooting. That’s why he decided to create a platform that connects International photographers, filmmakers and other creatives with photography studio and film location owners across the globe.

MisterLocation was founded in Milan, Italy, but quickly expanded into key European capitals like Amsterdam and Berlin. The rest of Europe followed. Given the significant positive feedback from within Europe, MisterLocation decided to take a step beyond the Atlantic, extending their clientele to the United States.

While Musarra recognizes that the United States is a competitive market, he also understands the great potential that the US offers for the development of global marketplaces, like MisterLocation, compared to the European Union.

“The US is one big marketplace, using just one language, one currency and consistent tax laws, where Europe is much more complicated. We have already flourished in the old continent, despite all those difficulties, and we expect to grow even more in the United States. Our formula is friendlier and more efficient compared to other existing platforms. We do not take commissions on bookings and we focus on user-to-user experience with no intermediation. Users can take advantage of our booking systems, which offers an Upfront Deposit tool, or they can choose to arrange bookings and payment outside of the platform. We truly are the Airbnb of photo studios and studio locations.”

Currently, MisterLocation offers photography studios & film locations in both New York City and Los Angeles. We are looking forward to connecting studios and photographers in major cities across the US.



Download all images and the video here.


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