How to Grow Your Photography Business: Instagram doesn’t work

How to Grow Your Photography Business: Balancing Art and Business

Photography can be a passionate endeavor or a profit-making venture. But if you’re aiming to grow your photography business, you need to merge these two perspectives. It’s about leveraging your unique individual talents with your acquired photography skills to cater to a specific audience and provide unparalleled value.

Instagram Photos it’s not how to Grow Your Photography Business

In recent years, the landscape of Instagram has shifted dramatically, making it increasingly challenging for photographers to gain traction. The platform, once a haven for budding photographers showcasing their best shots, is now saturated with countless images from users worldwide. As a result, merely posting a single photo, no matter how breathtaking, no longer guarantees the same level of engagement or visibility. The algorithm heavily favors diversified content, including reels, stories, and IGTV, leaving standalone photos to fight for attention. Furthermore, the emphasis has moved from just the visual appeal of a photo to the overall value it provides. In this context, value can be entertainment, education, inspiration, or a mix. Thus, for photographers aiming to grow their photography business using Instagram, it’s crucial to evolve, skill stack, and offer more than just a photo.

Finding Your Unique Combination of Skills

If you’re someone like our hypothetical example who’s been capturing cityscape photos for two years and has dabbled in making YouTube videos about photography gear, then you already possess a combination of skills. But how do you set yourself apart to grow your photography business? Consider your unique attributes. Maybe you have an extensive understanding of fitness, a decade-long gym habit, and even an exercise science degree. By fusing these skills and knowledge, you can target a niche audience in the fitness industry who are in dire need of photography and basic videography services.

Value-Adding Strategies for 2023

Merely posting a photograph online might not cut it anymore. To grow your photography business in today’s digital landscape, you need to weave in additional layers of value around your content. Here are some innovative methods:

  • Photo Carousels: Engage your audience with a carousel of images that narrate a journey, thereby enhancing the entertainment value.
  • Compelling Captions: Elevate your posts by penning down captivating captions, adding depth and context to your photographs.
  • Educational Tutorials: Share your expertise by creating tutorials, like ones that delve into photography basics. This not only positions you as an expert but also adds educational value to your content.
  • Storytelling with Reels: Embrace newer content formats, like Instagram Reels. Showcase your photographic journey, creating an immersive experience for your audience.

Key Questions to Propel Your Business Forward

To effectively grow your photography business, it’s vital to periodically self-reflect and adjust your strategy. Here are three fundamental questions to guide your thought process:

  1. Photographic Proficiency: What are my core strengths as a photographer? What styles or techniques do I excel in?
  2. Unique Proposition: Which distinct skills or knowledge do I possess that can be combined with my photography to offer something fresh?
  3. Learning Curve: What are the new skills I should acquire to enhance my photography business and cater to a wider audience?

Real-world Implementation: A Sneaker Photography Case Study

Let’s delve into the journey of a photographer who unlocked significant business potential by embracing skill stacking. With an existing passion for capturing cityscapes and a profound understanding of sneaker culture, he ventured into sneaker photography. By fusing these distinct interests, he not only mastered a niche but also secured a long-term collaboration with a renowned brand, epitome ATL. This partnership laid the foundation for a flourishing photography business.

How to Grow Your Photography Business Example - Sneaker Photography ATL

Photo by Domino on Unsplash

Conclusion: Skill Stacking – The Future of Photography Business

To truly grow your photography business, it’s imperative to move beyond the traditional. By combining your unique skills, passions, and competencies with your core photography talent, you can unlock new horizons and lucrative opportunities in the ever-evolving world of photography.


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