How to Grow Your Photography Business: Avoid this one mistake.

Hey there fellow photographers! Wanna know how to Grow Your Photography Business?

I recently stumbled upon some intriguing thoughts shared by Ryan from Signature Edits, who delves deep into all things photography. He touched upon a crucial point about why some photography businesses don’t see the growth they desire, and it resonated so deeply that I thought of sharing a more personalized take on it with you all.

How to Grow Your Photography Business: The Real Reason Behind Stagnant Growth

So, why isn’t your photography business expanding the way you hoped? Ryan highlights a fundamental revelation by Alex Hormozi, a marketing maestro you should definitely check out, saying that if you’ve had clients before but your business is stagnant, it’s not about the marketing; it’s about the product.

How to Grow Your Photography Business

If your previous clients aren’t raving about your work, recommending you to their peers, then perhaps it’s time to introspect and enhance your offerings. And, it’s not about spending all your energy on building Instagram followers or Facebook groups. It’s about delivering a service that’s so extraordinary that it gets your clients talking, recommending, and referring!

How to Grow Your Photography Business: Creating Advocates

Let’s get real. If your clients feel like they’ve received value way beyond what they paid for, they will be your ambassadors, spreading the word about your exemplary services. Btw, in case you need it, here is an article about 9 Tips for Taking Great Portraits in a Photography Studio.

How to Grow Your Photography Business: Creating a ‘Wow’ Experience ?

Here’s something to ponder on – what changes could make your services so spectacular that you could charge 10 times more and your clients would still feel they got their money’s worth? Think about it, and jot down what value additions would make this possible.

How to Grow Your Photography Business

Equally important is to think about profitability. If you were to charge only one-tenth of your current price, what would you need to adjust or add to still offer an incredible service and maintain profitability?

Now, envision this: you could only acquire one more client through your marketing efforts, and your future bookings solely depend on this client referring you. What enhancements or adjustments would you make to ensure that this client becomes your biggest advocate?

Transformative Questions:

  • Value Addition: If you were to charge 10x your current price, what enhancements or value additions would justify this price for your clients?
  • Profitable Adjustments: If you were charging one-tenth of your current price, what changes would you implement to maintain the service quality and stay profitable?
  • Client Advocacy: If your future clients depended on the referrals of one client, what extraordinary service would you provide to make them your ambassadors?

Building Genuine Relationships

By focusing more on refining your product and creating unforgettable experiences for your clients and industry colleagues, you are setting the stage for organic, exponential growth through referrals, surpassing the transient impacts of social media posts.

How to Grow Your Photography Business

Remember, amateurs prioritize making sales; pros prioritize creating advocates who bring in sales. So, let’s shift our focus from gaining a sale to gaining advocates who will, in turn, get us sales!

Reframe and Refine! ?

This approach is not about the relentless pursuit of new clients but about forming meaningful, lasting relationships with the ones we have, about turning clients and collaborators into long-term partners and advocates.

It’s about shifting the paradigm, about focusing not on the pursuit of more followers but on delivering more value, creating richer experiences, and building stronger relationships.

Photo Business - Insights and perspectives

Engage and Grow ?

This is your roadmap to elevating your photography business to unprecedented heights. And remember, this is about genuine, heartfelt enhancements in your service quality, not just surface-level adjustments.

Remember, this journey is not just about hitting the like button or subscribing for more content, although that’s always appreciated! It’s about actively participating, sharing your insights, your experiences, and learning together. So, let’s interact, let’s share, and let’s grow together!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Ryan from Signature Edits for inspiring this conversation and driving us to look inwards and refine our approach for exponential growth. Check out his youtube channel for more insights, workshops, and resources on photography and marketing.


This article is inspired by the thoughts and insights shared by Ryan from Signature Edits.


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