Top 5 Photo Studio in Barcelona + Amazing Outdoor Industrial Location

A few months ago we went to visit some photo studio in Barcelona. We definitely fell in love with the city, that feels for sure Mediterranean. It’s surrounded by sea and mountains and offers great weather, great architecture and great food. What makes it such a special city, is that it has at the same time an international and entrepreneurial vibe. It’s the biggest city on the Mediterranean Sea and has a great infrastructure (good working metro system, international airport). Barcelona is one of the most vibrant startup hubs in Europe (more than 1,000 tech startups call the city home). Moreover, it has an incredible creative scene that is growing fast. From street art and graffiti to contemporary art galleries and photo locations: you can find creativity at every corner.

Last but not least, we met some amazing people in the Catalan capital. Among which the photo studio in Barcelona managers that showed us their great locations. Read further to learn more about their locations, or watch this short video we made of our visits:


Photo studio in Barcelona

Film & photo studio in El Poblenou

We started with a film production company located in the neighborhood El Poblenou. They rent out their huge daylight studio of 425 m2. The combination of the big infinity wall and the natural light entering through large windows is really stunning. And, to be noticed, this photo studio in Barcelona is available 24/7 with schedules and prices totally customizable. This makes it especially a great location for who wants to shoot outside regular business hours. You can rent equipment of the highest quality at this location. Hasselblad, Canon, Nikon, Profoto or Manfrotto; they have it all!

photo studio barcelona poblenou

Studio in Poblenou


Industrial location in Gràcia

Next stop of our tour: this is a great industrial location in Barcelona in the neighborhood Gràcia. First of all, the two large brick walls and industrial but modern atmosphere of the studio really impressed us. Second, we loved the little furniture and home decoration shop attached to the studio. You can buy or rent furniture or props here for your productions or event. Need a vintage style table for example? A closet, some chairs or beautiful tableware? Just ask for it, and probably they can organize (or even design) it for you. On request, they can also offer lights and equipment rental or organize catering services.

photo studio barcelona gracia

Studio in Gràcia


Multi-functional location in Sant Gervasi

A colorful location: this is asymmetric building is one of the first works of architect Esteve Bonell He won an FAD Architecture award for this building in 1975. Now it is an interesting cross-over: a multi-functional space where culture and art meet. It houses among others a photo studio with infinity wall, dimmable lights and make up corner and a professional recording studio. Needless to say, this is the perfect setting to shoot a music video. In fact, many bands shoot their music video clip here.


Coworking with photo studio in Gràcia

Another studio in Gràcia: a coworking space in Barcelona that hosts a little but very practical photo studio. It is ideas for all kind of shootings, for example for lookbooks, fashion, product and portraits. The studio rent includes all the equipment (lights, backgrounds, softboxes, etc.). Here you also have the possibility to hire a photo assistant in case you need technical help with flashes or advice on the lighting of the photo studio. The location includes a make up area, a dressing room and a waiting room as well.

photo studio barcelona coworking

Another studio in Gràcia


Green screen studio in El Raval

If you need a limbo and a green screen at the same time you should definitely check out this Studio. This photo studio in Barcelona is a creative space of 200 m2 in the center of the city. They offer studio lights, reflectors, softboxes, backgrounds and a rail system to light your subject from above in many different ways. If needed, you can also rent all kind of material like light systems or cameras. Brands like Vogue, Elle, Nike and Disney worked in this studio.

Green Screen photo studio in Barcelona

Studio in El Raval


Outdoor industrial location

On chimneys and graffiti

If you are searching for an outdoor location for free, we recommend you to have a look at the Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies (Gardens of the Three Chimneys), one of the best places to take photos in the city. In contrast to what the word ‘gardens’ suggests, it is not a very green area. Instead, it is an ex-industrial location around the old traction power plant, popularly known as La Canadiense.

outdoor industrial location barcelona la canadiense skate

Gardens of the Three Chimneys – Image by Emanuele Musarra


Due to this industrial history and feeling, the gardens are known as “the most urban of Barcelona’s urban gardens”. The three chimneys (dated 1897, 1908 and 1917) are the only remaining parts of the traction power plant, surrounded by a FECSA office building. The building occupies a quarter of the land, with the rest dedicated to the park. A pond surrounds the building on the part of the Avenida del Parallel. Beside it are several paved squares separated by cement walls decorated with graffiti. Because of this, these gardens are also known as “Barcelona’s graffiti park”. The graffiti artists that come here produce with a phenomenal turnover. The artworks change so regularly, that it’s worth to visit on any trip to Barcelona.

The perfect playground for kids and adults

The gardens are also a popular skateboarding site. Next to the skateboarding area, there is a concrete cube, which people often use as a stage for outdoor shows. They do not only organize skateboard and graffiti competitions here, but also electronic music, hip-hop and break dance performances.

The architects of the park preserved and places several pieces from the old plant across the gardens as if they are sculptures, such as a boiler and electric turbines, as well as a huge concrete chair. Furthermore, there is an area with a plank floor at one end of the park. Here you can find a children’s playground, petanque courts and ping-pong tables. Overall, the Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies is a great outdoor location for any creative photo or video shooting.


How to rent these locations

Are you interested in renting one of the indoor studios and locations mentioned in this article? You can contact the owners on They are happy to answer your questions and help you prepare your shooting or event!